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First band I sign and they’re the best band on this planet. This record release is perfect and they are perfect and I am so blessed. All I can say is thank you.

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Right Minded Apparel


Welcome to Right Minded Apparel. It’s finally here. This has been a project in the works for well over a year now. My buddy Sean and I had some left over creativity and drive from playing music and decided that we wanted to turn that into something productive. After a lot of hardwork, back and forth and a lot of money, we’re so proud to announce Right Minded Apparel. 

Have a look at our launch / fall 2013 collection at If you see anything you’re into, don’t hesitate to pick something up. Starting something like this from the ground up is pretty difficult but if you want to help please feel free to post this launch image, along with our website address ( to your social media site.


Don’t forget to follow us too!

twitter: @rightmindedco

instagram: @rightmindedapparel



Thanks for checking us out guys.

- Jonathan

Follow my friend’s clothing company. way cool stuff going on.

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IT’S HERE. Go to and reserve your copy of @lotheredoiseemybrother’s 7” “Of The Earth, Beneath The Sea”! WE DID IT!!

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TODAY IS THE DAY! At 11 AM PST @lotheredoiseemybrother’s 7” Of The Earth, Beneath The Sea” will be available to purchase at! If you are able to attend the record release show tomorrow at Louie G’s, then you can purchase the record from the band there! Thanks for your support!!!

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RECORD JACKETS!!! Thanks to the wonderful, perfect people at Imprint, the final piece to the puzzle is here just in time. Could not have done it without them. They came out so great.

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From last week when @lotheredoiseemybrother and I went on Dead Air to promote their new record “Of The Earth, Beneath The Sea” being released on my label @backbonecollective. Thanks so much @k10mioli and @unclexkracker for giving us this opportunity and showing us a great time.

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I got the beautiful @lotheredoiseemybrother records in the mail today and they are my favorite color: marbled purple. Just waiting on the jackets to finish getting printed! Should be done hopefully early next week! Can’t wait to show y’all the finished product! WE DID IT GUYS

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All my friends out of the state, tune in and listen to us talk about the release! Really excited about it :)

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Steve Albini’s letter to Nirvana

Steve Albini has always been one of my favorite people to exist. I wish i could just sit and talk with him about anything and everything.